WW1 Experiment - she/her - gf

In the past, Gratatan was injected with Ape Serum and forced to watch Violent Acts (Monkey See Monkey Do Operation). Unforunately the plan backfired and the Ape Women were cyrogenically frozen, and erased from history, until the present day when she was discovered as Euchan was scrawling Gumtree listings for a new girlfriend. She suffered extreme damage from the ape serum, cryogenic freezing, and defrosting, so she no longer has much of a brain, or anything else in her body. No one's really sure how she's still kicking, and the only way to keep her placid is by removing all forms of media from her vicinity.. Except from when she sneaks episodes of The Sopranos while Euchan is busy with one of her other girlfriends.